LLV-389 "ICT for better accessibility in sustainable border regions (E-ACCESSIBILITY)"

Start: 2014. 03. 03
End: 2015. 04. 30
Finansavimo šaltinis: Latvia and Lithuania Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013
Finansavimo dydis: 52 600 EUR
One of most important spheres of accessibility in any territory is tourism. For this reason accessible and easily presented tourism information is the key to general internal and external accessibility in border regions.
According to statistical data, in 2012 there were made about 190 000 trips from Latvia to Lithuania and from Lithuania to Latvia, around 76,5 thousands of Latvians stayed in hotels in Lithuania.
As travelers float is quite big, and taking in to account that Latvians travel to Lithuania and Lithuanians to Latvia crossing common border line it is essential to make accessibility between this regions improved and all information provided using the most effective tool nowadays - information communication technologies as modern tool and e-services to wide society. Modern technologies, such as wireless internet, modern information points, terminals, QR codes, applications for smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing ussual measures of informative tools, such as stands with written information, paper maps, guide books ect. Border regions must move foot to foot with dominant regions in their countries. For this reason, 8 partners from different levels of institution from Lithuania and Latvia gathered together to promote idea of E-Accessibility in their regions and to spread this idea to other border regions in EU.
Partners will share their experience of using ICT as tool for better accessibility in their territories, will be created a concept on how information should be presented in all border regions. Investments in ICT equipment and software will be done according to created concept. Information in software will be presented in 3-4 different languages (LT, LV, ENG, RUS), assuring possibilities for wide target group to be able to use project results. Partners will invest in modern information points, wireless internet installation, RQ codes creation, mobile applications development, audio guides, terminals. These activities are related directly to improving accessibility of border regions and providing e-services to society.
The main objective of the project - To improve Internal and External Accessibility of the Border Region by using ICT for provision of tourism services. In order to reach this objectives following sub-objectives are set:
1) Establishment of ICT (equipment with special software) in partners territories;
2) Sharing experience between partners, promoting idea of e-accessibility;
All identified sub-objectives lead to successful implementation of the project's objective and all of them are directly related to project's activities.
Planned Project start date is 2013 November and Project duration is 12 months. Total Project budget is – 362 410,92 EUR.
This project will increase cross-border internal and external accessibility of the use of information communication technologies in tourism services.