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Enjoy your fishing vacation in Gražutė Regional Park. More than 70 spectacular lakes in beautiful natural surroundings are waiting for you. Antalieptė Reservoir (1911ha), Luodis (1320ha), Asavas and other lakes are enriched with catfish, eels, pike and pikeperch. Here you can be certain of a catch because Gražutė Regional Park is participating in a project Fishing Paradise. In the Fishing Paradise you may not only go fishing, but also try the culinary heritage of the region – fish cheese, or visit probably the furthest museum from the ocean – V. Žilinskienė’s Sea Museum! Left your rod at home? No need to worry, you may buy one in the nearest fishing shop or ask the owners of the rural tourism resort.

,,Caught one –release one!''

Share the joy of fish biting with other fishermen. Fishing Paradise is especially waiting for fishermen sharing the attitude ,,Caught one – release one''. More than one hundred marked 1 and 2 kg pikes were released into Lake Luodis in 2014. A fisherman catching such a marked fish should remember the code of the fish, measure its length, weight, record the moment of release and provide the data to the Directorate of Gražutė Regional Park. Your information will be used in scientific fish research.

Fishing permit

You are allowed to catch fish in unleased water bodies subject to the purchase of a Fishing Permit. The Fishing Permit is a permit to engage in amateur fishing. You can buy a Fishing Permit on the Internet, and also via SMS, at “Perlas” terminals or at a newsstand. Fishing Permit prices: 2 days (weekend) – 1.40€, monthly– 5€, annual – 14€. The Permit is valid for unleased water bodies.
Please note that if you want to catch fish in leased water bodies, you need a different permit. To purchase one, and check which lakes are leased in certain municipalities, you may go here: Permit in leased water bodies

Fishing limitations and rules

We would like to remind fishermen and other visitors to the Park that you are not allowed to visit any thelmological reserve from April 01 to August 01. Fishing during this period is prohibited in Ganiava, Tetervinis, Beržinis, Tetervas, Palšinė and other smaller lakes in the thelmological reserves.

Boat rental

A boat is essential for successful and convenient fishing. Most rural tourism resorts rent boats to their guests. If your stay is limited to one day or less, you may rent a boat for fishing on the Antalieptė Reservoir at Bikėnai boat point, and for fishing on Lake Luodis – at the Paukščių sala motel.

Boat launch and boating rules

For fishing on Lake Luodis, there is a convenient place for launching boats and a spacious parking lot available at the Sabalunkai campsite and Žagarinė campsite.Three spots are available for disabled people. You must read the Inland Navigation Rules before launching a motorboat. We want to remind you that the use of boats is prohibited on Šventas and Šventelis, Šiurpis and Šiurpelis lakes.