For disabled people

Gražutė regional park Visitor Centre
The visitor centre is the gate to Gražutė Regional Park. This is the place to plan and start o tour around park. Information about the places to see – nature and cultural heritage, landscape and biological diversity, craft centres, museums, trails, waterways and bicycle tracks, park lots – is provided at the centre. The interactive nature exposition, V. Žilinskienė‘s „Sea museum“, and Salakas regional ethnographic exposition are situated at the centre. Tours are provided in the Lithuanian, English and Russian languages. Souvenirs are offered to visitors for purchase. Wi-Fi available.
Contacts: +370 670 97265
Address: Laisvoji square 14, Salakas, Zarasai district
Sabalunkos campsite and kayak dock
The Sabalunkos campsite and kayak dock is accessible for the disabled visitors. The pergola, tables, fireplace and toilets are available on the territory. The kayak dock is adjusted to the disabled people to get aboard and to start off kayaking trip. The campsite and its facilities – tables, comfortable recreational area, and fireplace – is of comfortable access to the people in wheelchairs. Kayak dock is equipped with steps, handrail to facilitate the boarding.
Contacts: +370 385 43694
Address: Sabalunkos village, Zarasai district
Salakas nature trail
The Salakas nature trail is a wooden footbridge, built along the Luodžio lakeshore. Walking along the trail, one can enjoy the coast of the Luodžio lake and the forest with flourishing flora and fauna.
Address: Salakas, Zarasai district
Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Sorrows
The Roman Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of
Sorrows was built in Salakas village between 1906 and 1911.
It is the highest stone church in Lithuania (height of tower - 72m),
representing an example of an extraordinary stone architecture.
Excellent view of the building opens up from the parking lot.
Contacts: +370 385 59350
Address: Bažnyčios Street, 28, Salakas, Zarasai district
The spoon-carving workshop of Gediminas and Rita Kairiai
Wood carvers Rita and Gediminas Kairiai work with wood in an old traditional way. Their work is awarded with national heritage Certificate. The visitors acquaint themselves with the craft of wood carving, have a possibility to carve something themselves, and buy a wooden souvenir made by the host.
Contacts: +370 686 61174, +370 670 46972
Address: Liepu Street, 18, Deguciai village, Zarasai district
Village of Footbridges
Antaliepe – a footbridges village – is a community in Zarasai district, on the upper right bank of Šventoji river. The place is known for its numerous charming footbridges. The tour starts at the bakery, where visitors make cookies of dough, with they will receive after visiting other objects. After the journey, the travellers will taste amazingly delicious pancakes cooked in an old authentic oven in a traditional way. Preferred group size 20-25 persons; preferred age – schoolchildren and adults.
Contacts: +370 685 12216
Address: M. Reinio Street. 6, Antalieptė, Zarasai district
Baltriškės Monastery
Tiberian monastic community was organized in Baltriškė village in 1995.
Its main activities focus on work with young people, children and families.
The camps are organized for various age groups. Everyone is welcome to
visit or to stay for a while at the monastery, praying, working and living in the community.
Visits or stays upon prior arrangement by phone or e-mail. Closed for visitors on Mondays
The monastery is not designed for the people with limited mobility,
however, the monks are willingly ready to provide all necessary
assistance in the case the disabled people want to visit the monastery and stay there.
Contacts: +370 385 43694
Address: Tiberias community, Baltriškiu village, Zarasai district
Zarasai observation ring
The Zarasai Observation Ring is a unique structure designed by the architect Šarūnas Kiaunė, and is the only one of the type in all Lithuania. The circular path of 34 m length and 17 m height, built over the Zarasas Lake, offers a gorgeous panoramic view. The Observation Ring was opened in 2011.There is a land pathway along Zarasas Lake as well to enjoy the water scenery.
Address: D. Bukanto Street, 11b, Zarasai
Antalieptė local history museum
Antalieptė local history museum is located at the multifunctional centre of the Antalieptė town hall. About 300 exhibits reflect the history of the local community.
Contacts: +370 685 12216
Address: A. Žilėno str. 1, Antalieptė, Zarasai distr
Šlyninka Water mill
The Šlyninka water mill is a three centuries old unique building of the national heritage with the authentic equipment. The traditional grain milling process is demonstrated to visitors; groats, bran and flour could be purchased afterwards. Exciting mill stories are told by the hosts. Next to the mill, at the ‘house of crafts”, guests can participate in the thematic program “Path of bread”. While bread is baked, the hostess offers a meal cooked of freshly flour.

Contacts: +370 686 23348, +370 687 59106
Address: Šlyninka village, Zarasai district