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Vida Žilinskienė's Sea Museum

Vida Žilinskienė‘s Sea Museum is probably the furthest museum from the ocean. The Sea Museum features a unique exhibition of sea animals, colourful corals, shells, souvenirs and fossils, which was collected over a period of 50 years. According to the collector, schoolteacher Vida Žilinskienė, the number of exhibits exceeded 4 thousand quite a long time ago, and the end is not yet in sight. Visitors will be surprised by a huge lobster, a Japanese sea goat, a little dried shark, predator piranha, shell-money that was used in the Indonesian islands, and the kind-hearted Kaukutis, who will make your fondest wishes come true.
During your visit to the Museum, you will not only hear heart-stopping stories about dangerous sea voyages, poisonous shells, and curative sepia powder, but also see a great variety of extraordinary and unseen habitants of the deep sea. And if you really miss the sea, you can listen to it soughing in a shell.
Every 1,000th visitor will win the special V. Žilinskienė prize. What is it? Drop by, and maybe this time luck will smile on you.