Date: 2015. 09. 26
Time: 10:30
Place: Visaginas
Gražutė Regional Park invites you to ride along the nature and breath some fresh air! On 26th September at 11:00 (Saturday) for bicycle traveling community will be presented a new cycling route Visaginas-Pašventė.
Start: Amphitheatre of Cultural Centre in Visaginas (Vilties Str. 5, Visaginas)
Finish: Grazute Regional Park Visitor Center (Laisvoji str. 14, Salakas)
10:30 – 11:00 – Registration (Cultural Centre, Vilties str. 5, Visaginas)
11:00 – Welcome route Visaginas – Pašventė
11:20 – Tour around Visaginas city
11:40 – Visaginas – Pasventė route testing
13:00 – Feasting near the Trilypis lake
Did you know, that:
· 11 km. bicycle route was installed by 12 European Voluntary Service volunteers during one month?
· 24 unique arrow-sculptures is established in the bike route?
· This route connects Visaginas and Great bike trail of Gražutė?
More information:
Visitor Center of Grazute Regional Park
Laisvoji 14, Salakas, Zarasai.
Tel .: 868233041, 838559425